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What’s going on with Amazon Go in 2019

Amazon’s stores presented as a revolution for commerce and consumers have finally had the effect of a wet firecracker: the Amazon Go concept is now at a standstill.

During the presentation of the concept, Amazon was confident and announced that it was a new way to consume and a use that would be fully adopted and generalized in the course of the 2020s.

Today, only 15 such stores have been opened in the US and only 18 of them have been confirmed so far. In the initial forecast, Amazon planned to open 56 Amazon Go stores by 2019 and more than 156 by the end of 2020.

Amazon go

Documents retrieved by The Information from last year evoke the difficulty of finding locations corresponding to the needs of a connected store. Remember that these spaces only offer self-service and the user does not even have to go to the cashier: all his actions are captured by cameras that automatically bill products.

The document also mentions the need for spaces with a certain height of ceilings to accommodate the surveillance system with cameras and sensors, but also the fact that it is necessary to be at a certain distance from an Amazon warehouse for the supply of fresh produce.

What the document does not mention is the controversy born of the launch of these concepts store focused around facial recognition and data collection.

Amazon has not officially stopped the idea of ​​deploying its shops, but the project is experiencing a downtime whose duration is uncertain.

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